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Truckload & LTL

We offer superior transportation services for both partial and truckload services between BC, Alberta and Western USA. Customer can choose between single or team drivers. We guaranteed that your shipments will always be on time.

Dedicated & Expedited

Our specialization is the expedited truckload transportation services, particularly between British Columbia and California. We have had years of experience delivering time sensitive shipments.

Cross-Border Ground Transportation

Our trucks cross border every day. In fact, majority of our customers ship between California and British Columbia. We provide daily service to and from BC, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Alberta.

Bonded Shipments

Nijjar Trucking is a bonded carrier certified with both Canada Border Services Agency and US Customs &  Border Protection.

Local and Long Haul

We provide both local and Long haul trucking services. 

Drop Trailer Service

Our drop trailer service is designed to keep your supply chains running smoothly. Shippers can also optimize their resources as they see fit. Instead of stopping activity to load or unload trucks, they can do so at will without threatening their operational efficiency.

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